SEN and Disability Next Steps paper May 2012


Support and aspiration: A new approach to special educational needs and disability – progress and next steps sets out a summary of the key responses to the consultation questions in the green paper, current progress and the DfE further plans for the vision, in which:

  • children’s special educational needs are picked up early and support is routinely put in place quickly
  • staff have the knowledge, understanding and skills to provide the right support for children and young people who have SEN or are disabled, wherever they are
  • parents know what they can reasonably expect their local school, local college, local authority and local services to provide, without them having to fight for it
  • children who would currently have a statement of SEN and young people over 16 who would have a learning difficulty assessment have an integrated assessment and a single Education, Health and Care Plan which is completed in a shorter time and without families having the stress of searching to get the support they need
  • parents have greater control over the services they and their family use, with:
    • every family with an Education, Health and Care plan having the right to a personal budget for their support
    • parents whose children have an education, health and care plan having the right to seek a place at any state-funded school, whether that is a special or mainstream school, a maintained school, academy or Free School.

SEN & Disability : Next Steps Paper - May 2012