Arrange your onsite visit

Annual subscribers to the CIPFA/ Pixel FAS will receive an onsite visit as part of their support package.

Pixel has been delivering onsite visits for over 5 years and the proposed format of the meetings is based on the template that they have developed.  The onsite programme varies depending on the requirements of the authority, including the number and range of officers attending and the issues that are current.  We can tailor an onsite visit to meet the authority’s needs and requirements.

Proposed outline agenda for an onsite visit

Session 1: High-level update on the key funding issues and developments

Update on the latest position on all the key funding issues: national fiscal position, Retained Business Rates, Formula Grant/ RSG, Council Tax and NHB, etc
Key pointers on likely changes in future funding announcements

Session 2: Operational focus on local funding issues

  • Practical session focussing on one or more issues that are important to the authority to help them forecast their funding position
  • For example: updating our grant forecasting model, assessing the impact of a particular change in funding, or completing NNDR/ CTB returns

Session 3: Local funding outlook

  • Bring together local funding issues with the national overview
  • Review the grant forecasting model in the context of our horizon-scanning, and any of the technical work done in Session 2
  • Key financial planning/ forecasting conclusions for the authority

Suggested duration:

3 x 1 hour session. We can also have a short break to go away and update some of the modelling, and then come back to review (particularly between sessions 2 and 3).

Suggested attendees:

 Senior finance officers for first and last sessions; relevant finance officers session 2.