Funding model

This model gives authorities the option to vary their funding forecasts based on different data scenarios including Council Tax and NDR

Pixel has developed a grant forecasting model that shows both the overall funding position for local government in England to 2020-21 and also the impact on every individual local authority. The model was first created in 2010 and has been updated following every relevant funding announcement. It covers Revenue Support Grant, Retained Business Rates, New Homes Bonus, Council Tax Support Grant and local council tax. 

The model is based on the funding allocations that have been made to local authorities. Most of the data is from the local government finance settlement. Other sources are also used where relevant, such as council tax bases, NHB allocations, and business rates (NNDR returns). Assumptions are made in the model about what will happen to future funding allocations (we only have official announcements to 2015-16).  

There is also scope for authorities to input their own local and national assumptions. Many authorities who currently subscribe to the Pixel service use this grant forecasting model to inform local resource projections in their budget setting reports. It is also useful for practitioners wishing to understand how the current funding regime works and to see how Government announcements will impact on funding allocations.

NDR and Council Tax Forecasting Model December 2014

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