Additional Funding and Partnership Personalisation Prevention and Productivity


As many of you will have seen the Department of Health have allocated an additional £150m of funding to be given to PCT's to pass on to Social Care through a section 256 agreement.  

This is funding for 2011-12 - so as the letter says this is on top of the £648m allocated last year.    This is one off funding - so as yet - no indication whether this will be repeated in 2012-13 or not - awaiting the publication of the white paper in the spring - and - any subsequent funding announcements. 

One of the potential uses of this funding would be to explore innovative commissioning developments which benefit health and social care including some of the potential opportunities from the working document paper on Partnership, Personalisation, Prevention and Productivity referred to below.    We appreciate that many organisations will be pursuing many of the examples quoted in the paper - but hope that these examples might act as a further stimulus to progress with these proposals - all of which offer scope for benefits to health and social care - beyond the reablement focus - that is so frequently mentioned including: -

  • The further development of Personal Health Budgets;  
  • Occupational Therapy Led Reablement; 
  • The Use of Outcome Brokers for Personal Budgets and Personal Health Budgets;
  • Whole Systems Approaches to Telecare and especially Telehealth;
  • Remodelling of Mental Health Day Support - across Health and Social Care;
  • Joint Interest Companies and Local Authority Trading Companies to Improve Productivity in Health and Social Care; 
  • Improved Support to Carers - such as the Caring in Confidence example
  • Improved Advice to Self Funders - such as the CareWise example ;  
  • The further development of Integrated / Joint Commissioning and Integrated / Joint Commissioning Support - especially for those over 65 - to create the capacity to deliver these and other beneficial changes  

Partnership, Personalisation, Prevention and Productivity

Although Partnership, Personalisation, Prevention and Productivity are key elements of the future agenda – it is hard to find examples of how initiatives in these areas are meeting the challenges of our strained financial times -  especially improving outcomes at less cost. This paper is an attempt to do this - drawing from a group of organisations at the forefront of the personalisation and allied agenda.    This is not an exhaustive list.  Many other organisations may well be undertaking similar developments.  Our hope is that these examples will help as people progress these developments and might act as a stimulus for others to examine the potential they offer.