The Changing Health and Social Care Landscape Update 6 December 2012


This update note is intended to provide an update on recent developments in the Health and Social Care Landscape covering: -

  • The NHS Operating Framework which was published on the 24 November;
  • The Changing Commissioning Landscape and information on Funding Allocations;
  • The Latest Developments in the Health and Social Care Bill;
  • Potential Savings from new approaches to Partnership Working; and
  • An update on Generating Information that Better Supports Decision Making in the New Health and Social Care Environment.

The note confirms what many of us will have already read in the NHS Operating Framework that crucially for local authorities and their NHS partners 'the operating framework confirms that financial support from the health system for social care will continue in 2013/14 and 2014/15'.

The note also highlights that the exact mechanism for this support is unclear at present with a variety of options being considered including routing this funding through health and well being boards.  We will publish information on how this funding will be routed in the future as soon as it is available.