Changing the way we live and fund care


Changing the Way we Live and Fund Care was held on 19-20 September 2012. The programme focused on the following main themes:

Public Health

The event covered:

  • what we can learn from each other in making the most of the transition
  • how expenditure will be classified as part of the ring fenced grant funding
  • how key work streams are progressing on contracts, commissioning, finance, funding and staffing.

White Paper and Latest Development Opportunities

The event covered how can we make the most of the opportunities from the White Paper and the latest developments in Health, Public Health and Social care– especially those with a Partnership, Personalisation, Prevention and Productivity Focus

Zero Based Review of Finance and Performance Information

Delegates heard about what the likely changes (if any) will be to the framework as a result of the consultation, how can we continue to influence this, and what the practical implications are of what has been proposed.

Download presentations from this series of events below: