Public Health Funding Update February 2012


You may have seen the recent publication of public health spending which gives a breakdown by who will commission spending at the start of the reforms - split between LAs, the NHS Commissioning Body (who initially will commissioning Public Health Services for those under 5), Public Health England and the Department of Health. 
There is a huge variation in the base line data for initial LA spending – ranging - from £15 per head in Buckinghamshire to almost 8 times this figure in Tower Hamlets – at a £117 per head.  Projected at a national level this would involve a variation from £784m to £6,111m – compared to the estimated average spend of £2.1bn for this initial range of services to be commissioned by local authorities.

It would be helpful to know if any local evaluations have been undertaken which demonstrate that increased spending on public health has led to reduced health spending elsewhere.  This seemed to be the conclusion of a recent national study on the cost effectiveness of most public health interventions -see

In this context and with the information on current spend we will be producing a further paper on ways to continue investment in proven public health spending as a way of ensuring better use of health, public health and social care resources - including the use of integrated commissioning.