pcc briefing 3 2013 power down report


Attached is a summary of  proposals made by Policy Exchange (within a report entitled Power Down) and an analysis of the potential practical and political implications for Police and Crime Commissioners (PCCs). Policy Exchange originally had the idea to create PCCs.

The report was published on 22 August and proposes giving PCCs more say over local criminal justice agencies via a deliberate, steady decentralisation of power to PCCs.  It proposes PCCs would be able to opt out of national contracts ‘at the appropriate juncture’, would be given the power to set local criminal justice strategy and that a PCC should be able to increase the precept to pay for new services.

It recommends that ten PCCs should be established as ‘super PCCs’ to trial the use of new powers. It also looks further ahead to potential integration with the other emergency services.

A one page summary of the key points can be found below: