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Neil Sellstrom

Neil Sellstrom

Neil has been a CIPFA Advisor for pensions and treasury management since 2009, running networks on both subjects with over 150 subscribing authorities combined. He represents CIPFA and Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) Funds at various key events and also attends CIPFA pensions panels. He also organises workshops and conferences, produces newsletters, and co-ordinates queries to support members and promote best practice.

Cliff Dalton, Head of Local Government, CIPFA | LinkedIn Profile

Cliff Dalton, Head of Local Government, CIPFA

Cliff is a qualified CIPFA accountant and shared service practitioner. He is CIPFA's head of local government, representing the Institute and shaping policy voice, position statements and speaking at events on local government and transformation issues. Cliff has also worked for 20 years in local government.