About CIPFA property

CIPFA Property ensures continuing support and rewarding results for their clients

CIPFA Property is the leading authority on asset management within the UK and is committed to tracking legislation. As a wholly owned Company of CIPFA, we are in a unique position of pulling on our parent company's research and guidance.

CIPFA Property's staff brief the public sector on forthcoming changes within Asset Management and the wider aspects of the Public Sector, through our many Networks as well as influencing legislation and guidance.

Our work

Asset management

We have representatives involved in:

  • RICS UK & Ireland Regional Board
  • Drafting committee for the prospective AMP Guidance
  • Development of the new Local Government Construction Tool kit
  • Development of the New PAS (British standard for Asset Management)
  • National Procurement Panel
  • RICS Local Government Panel
  • RICS Stock Condition Working Party
  • CLG working group on Asset Management
  • Local Government Construction Task Force (including being on the sustainability in building working sub group)
  • Member of the Audit Commission's Steering Group for Asset Management

Local Government

CIPFA are involved in:

  • Working Group on Local Government Finance Statistics - CLG
  • Performance Information Project Group - Audit Commission
  • Performance Information Working Group - Audit Commission
  • Statistics Users Council - ONS/Royal Statistical Society
  • Advisory Panel on Costs of Housing and Council Tax Benefits - DWP/Risk Solutions
  • Advisory Panel on promoting a more sustainable form of Public procurement
  • Joint Audit Commission / IDEA / CIPFA national partnership for the shared service improvement model

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