england AMP national conference november 2013


Point of Demand

The 2013 National AMP Conference provided a host of eminent speakers who shared their experiences to demonstrate how to develop an insight into the demands of service users, and how these can be used in practice to enable asset effective management of the estate in the wider context of the organisational and community priorities.

The event provided delegates with essential information, tools and approaches to help add this fundamental dimension to the way they managed their assets, and ensure that the estate has a more sustainable future.  

  1. Andrew Coleman – Local Government  (PDF, 255 KB)
  2. Malcolm Prowle – Nottingham Trent University (PDF, 535 KB)
  3. Andrew Parkinson – KC (PDF, 2.64 MB)
  4. Helen Edwards – North Yorkshire Council (PDF, 801 KB)
  5. Andrew Parkinson – KC (PDF, 829 KB)
  6. Siobhan Coughlan – LGA (PDF, 524 KB)
  7. Jess Steele – Jericho Road Solutions (PDF, 9.93 MB)
  8. Noel O’Neill – Cheshire West and Chester Council (PDF, 733 KB)
  9. Conference Write Up (PDF, 582 KB)