Property management (including acquisition disposal and diary)

Property Management Module

This module has been designed to hold comprehensive data on agreements including:

  • Agreement type
  • Rent details including reviews
  • Service charges
  • Decoration schedules

All aspects of the agreement can be stored along with tenant details. Historic records of previous agreements in a specific managed record can be maintained including details of vacant periods of properties.

Diary function

Case managers can be informed of key event dates affecting individual case loads (such as rent reviews), using our integrated diary function. The function can be linked to any date within the Property Management Module and provides alarms.

Acquisition and disposal Modules

The acquisition and disposal modules allow quick access to key deed packet information such as:

  • vendor and/or purchaser details
  • completion date and price
  • land and building areas
  • deed notes.

Deed packet information can be linked back to Properties and Buildings in the Core to cross reference the legal information of the purchases with the Core data.

Benefits of these modules

  • Maintainance of a centralised database of leased assets
  • Fully integrated with AssetManager.NET Core module to enable leases to be appended to the appropriate capital asset record
  • Dedicated screens for addition and update of assets
  • Validated pick lists for ease of data input and accuracy
  • Intelligence via automatic rules based defaults
  • Prescribed mandatory field to ensure data is complete
  • Utilises a full range of reports with multiple filter options for comprehensive enquiries and reporting
  • Data links seamlessly with the other modules within AssetManager.NET.