CIPFA Property Services Value for Money Exercise (VfM)

2017 Exercise (2016/17 data)

The financial pressure on public services seems to be increasing day by day and many organisations are looking for different ways to deliver their property services. Time and time again, however, we are seeing rash decisions made on future delivery options without understanding internal performance levels and costs compare to others. Without this information it’s impossible to make prioritised decisions on cost reductions or sourcing options.

The CIPFA Property Services Value for Money Exercise 2017 offers a unique opportunity to examine value for money in relation to the management and delivery of property services for a local authority. It covers the full spectrum of property related activity including strategic asset management, design and construction, maintenance and even the management of investment property.

Again for this year we have incorporated many of the former NaPPMI indicators to give the most comprehensive performance benchmarking service for property within the local government sector.

We have been carrying out this service since 2011 and authorities have benefited by identifying areas of weakness and driving through improvement. Previous participants also highlight the added value of the onsite visit by one of our experienced staff, which provides consistency in interpretation and reassurance of the data comparison.

Our detailed final report provides essential cost and performance information to provide you with solid, data-related evidence to support decision making in these challenging times.

Full details of the exercise can be downloaded below. If you would like to participate please complete and return the order form via email to E: Onsite visits will be arranged for July, August and September, with the final report being issued in December.

If you would like to discuss anything about the service, please contact David Bentley, Head of Asset Management, direct on T: 01332 559780 or E:

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