highways service levels


This library contains examples received from authorities of Service Levels, most of the documents listed below are in draft form and represent work in progress.

If you have developed Service Levels for your authority and are willing to share these with subscribers in the HAMP network then please email a copy to susan.robinson@cipfa.org.

Acrobat Document Bournemouth Levels of Service from HAMP (PDF)

Acrobat Document Dumfries and Galloway Draft Levels of Service (PDF)

Acrobat Document Suffolk Levels of Service (PDF)

Acrobat Document Dorset Glossary of Terms Defining Service Levels (PDF)

Acrobat Document Darlington Asset and Network Management (PDF)

Acrobat Document Poole Draft Carriageway Service Options (PDF)

Acrobat Document Devon Draft Levels of Service (PDF)

Acrobat Document Sheffield Draft Service Levels (PDF)

Acrobat Document Leicestershire Levels of Service extract from TAMP (PDF)