Property advisory services

CIPFA Property is able to provide the practical advice, support and in-house training to help you get the maximum out of your property assets.

Our experts can help with the overall performance of your property portfolio with strategic advice that can help to deliver significant savings. There is a need for outsourced and flexible help as organisations are stretched to meet current and future demands.

We are able to provide a full and varied advisory support service for the public sector, drawing on other specialists at CIPFA.

The range of services include:

  • high level asset management 'Health Checks' - undertaking an audit of existing asset management policies and practices, identifying areas of strength and weakness and providing an improvement plan
  • strategic asset management planning - providing advice and support to ensure the requirements of audit and good practice are understood and appropriately embedded within the authority
  • corporate asset management plans - providing additional resource and challenge to produce or update corporate asset management plans
  • property strategies - providing support in the production and implementation of a focused corporate Property Strategy, relevant to the needs of the particular organisation
  • service asset management planning - advising on the format and content of effective service asset management plans and how they should link with the corporate Property Strategy
  • option appraisals - providing an understanding of the principles behind option appraisals, how to apply these principles in the corporate decision making process and how to ensure consistency across the organisation
  • property reviews - providing support in the development of a review methodology, ensuring it includes appropriate levels of challenge and consultation, and is applicable to different property portfolios
  • portfolio performance - reviewing the availability of property data and how this can be used effectively to measure and monitor the performance of the property portfolio
  • Occupancy Efficiency Assessment - allows us to create detailed intelligent CAD files that will maximize your building efficiency

Further information can be found within the flyers below;

Asset Management Health Check

Asset Register Health Check 

Compliance Monitoring

Occupancy Efficiency Assessment

Placed Based Asset Management