Analysis and reporting

The final stage of the research process is to analyse and report your research findings. There may be pages of raw data that need to be collated, sorted, cleaned, interpreted, coded, totalled, etc. Once the data has been analysed, the findings can be reported in many forms, including a written report, a tabular report, or a presentation.

CIPFA has experience of a variety of reporting formats, including:

  • creating both basic tabular reports and cross tabular reports
  • writing summary or full analytical reports
  • presentations of research results.

Reports need to be suitable for the target audience and address the objectives outlined. CIPFA’s high reporting standards ensure that outputs are clear, honest and concise, with all report-based projects subject to a peer review process as part of our commitment to quality assurance. CIPFA Research produces both headline and comprehensive reports depending on the needs of the target audience.

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