Purpose and objectives

“Research is the collection, use, or analysis of information about individuals or organisations intended to establish facts, acquire knowledge or reach conclusions.”

Market Research Society, Code of Conduct, September 2014 Version

The first part of the research process is to consider its purpose, to ensure that your research outputs will address your objectives. You might want to: measure satisfaction levels; profile a population; identify market trends; assess user experience; or track improvements over time. For example, an objective of CIPFA’s Young People’s Library Survey could be 'To obtain a clear indication of children's requirements and perceptions of the Library's services, in order to ensure effective stock management, staff training and service development.'

CIPFA Research can help you identify the best approach to meet your objectives.

You may find that the information you require already exists in previous research - this information can be extracted using secondary research. Secondary research can also be used to inform primary research; for example, you can research literature on a topic to develop interview questions or a framework for analysis. To extract this information, CIPFA can conduct secondary data insight on your behalf.

Need help deciding your research objectives? Contact CIPFA Research via research@cipfa.org.