Standard products

We undertake surveys to support organisations and help them understand the needs of existing, lapsed or prospective clients.

Our core products have enabled organisations to better understand their services, to engage with their users and improve decision-making. These core products are primarily focused on libraries, archives and finance users.

Our library surveys include the adult Public Library Users Survey (PLUS), the Young People’s Library Survey and a survey for those that make use of a library’s ICT services (ePLUS). The surveys look to understand how services are used, who uses them, and what users think of them.

Our archive surveys include a Survey of Visitors to UK Archives and a Distance Enquiry Services Survey, which gauges how respondents think their enquiries are handled and what they think about the available online services.

We also run the Finance Users Survey, which is designed to help you to gain insight into your budget setting process, identify finance function issues and plan for the future allocation of resources.

The outputs of these surveys are wide-ranging; we offer both basic and detailed reports, as well as national and benchmarking reports to see how customers view your services compared with other organisations. Surveys tend to follow a three-year programme, to allow authorities the time to make any required amendments to their service before re-surveying.

In addition to these core surveys, we also offer bespoke services depending on your research needs. For enquiries, please contact E: