Finance Users Survey

With the Finance Users Survey, your organisation will gain information that will help identify the strengths and weaknesses of your current finance service, helping you to make informed decisions about the future of your service.

The survey is aimed at users of your finance function, and can provide insight into your budget setting process, identify any finance function issues, and plan for the future allocation of resources.

The survey will also help you better understand the strategic delivery of your department’s service, becoming an important part of your continuous improvement process.

In addition, it will not only help you to identify your own position but enable you to benchmark against other organisations.

Why undertake a survey?

The research survey will enable you to:

  • identify any issues or concerns regarding the service provided by your finance function
  • understand any difficulties your users experience regarding budget setting
  • understand your users’ attitudes and perceptions of the finance service
  • review the level of user engagement
  • measure user satisfaction.

The survey can be undertaken online or on paper and can be adapted to suit your local requirements. You can create the online survey yourselves or use CIPFA’s services.

Experienced team of researchers

All research relies on the quality of the questions asked – CIPFA Research has the expertise and capabilities to provide you with the right question bank and ensure that the questionnaire is tailored to your service and your needs.

CIPFA Research can also:

  • create your online survey
  • print your questionnaires
  • log survey responses
  • process the survey data
  • analyse and report on the survey results.

We can translate all open ended responses into key themes and issues and will include key comments in your written report. This adds real value to the survey data as it helps to put the survey findings into context. We can also benchmark your results against other organisations.

To receive a copy of the questionnaire and manual of guidance, please register your interest by using the link below.