We provide accurate, timely statistics and research on issues ranging from service usage and costs to customer satisfaction and policy development.

Managers across the public sector use these valuable resources to make decisions, compare performance, identify trends, review processes, and manage their resources more effectively.

Our team carries out bespoke surveys to help your organisation understand the needs of existing, lapsed or prospective clients.


CIPFA statistics provide an essential, comprehensive framework for reviewing the efficiency of locally provided services, helping you manage resources more effectively.

CFO Insights

CFO Insights is an online analysis tool that gives those aspiring to improve the financial position of their organisation instant access to insight on the financial performance, socio-economic context and service outcomes.

Value for money toolkit

Our Value for money toolkit helps you understand where efficiencies can be made in your local authority, to free up much-needed funds.

Comparative profiles

Our comparative profiles visualise your authority data and provide insight into service performance. A great value for money addition that can assist with forecasting and planning identifying areas for improvement, as well as highlighting where you have peformed well.


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