Comparative profiles

Examine how your organisation's service costs, performance and outcomes compare with your peers, to help make important decisions.

With the loss of compulsory performance measures, authorities wishing to compare and learn from other authorities have been left to resource any comparative analysis themselves, at a time when their own resources are diminished.

CIPFA can help with our extensive benchmarking experience and a have developed a suite of comparative profiles that compare an authority to a selected group across indicators, collected from key public sector data sources.

We have already developed the following profiles:

Watch this space as more are made available. We welcome suggestions for new profiles. Please contact with your ideas or queries.

Profile benefits

  • professional reports from a trusted source
  • no additional work required as they draw on data returns already made
  • help you to better understand your service, and your figures (before finalising your next return)
  • identify potential areas for savings and improvement
  • identify authorities who are performing well
  • saves you time and money on analysing the data yourself
  • provides evidence for performance assessments