Our comparative profiles use the latest CIPFAstats data, and bring it into simple and easy to read charts that collectively build up a detailed view of how your archives service compares to others.

New archives comparative profiles for 2013/2014

What are they?

The CIPFAstats archive services profiles have been developed in response to requests from archive authorities from around the UK.

The profiles enable you to examine how your service costs and performance compare to your peers, providing key decision-makers with a quick, inexpensive way to engage with the most recent CIPFAstats data to support evidence based decision-making.

The profiles look at the following key aspects of archive service provision:

  • numbers of access points and service users/visitors
  • costs of running archives services
  • levels of staffing and volunteers
  • availability of resources to the public
  • holdings and storage capacity levels 
  • levels of funding aid 
  • user satisfaction.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits from signing up:

  • professional reports from a trusted source
  • no additional work required as they draw on data returns already made
  • help you to understand your service better
  • identify potential areas for savings and improvement
  • identify authorities who are performing well
  • saves you time and money on analysing the data yourself
  • provides evidence for performance assessments
  • understand your figures better before finalising your next CIPFAstats return
  • get involved and help us develop the profiles to be even better.

How to order

Our archives profile pack for 2013/2014 is usually available for £475 + VAT.  However, until 31 December 2014 there is a 20% discount on this price, meaning that the profiles are available for only £380 + VAT.  From 1 January 2015 the profiles will be available at the standard price of £475 + VAT.

What do I get by ordering?

You will be provided with an archives profile pack tailored to your individual authority and containing three sets of profiles, which compare your authority to:

  • al responding archive authorities across the UK
  • all other archive authorities within your region (or country for Wales and Scotland)
  • your nearest neighbour grouping as defined by the CIPFA Nearest Neighbours Model.

New CIPFAStats data for 2013/2014 will be available very soon and we will be updating the profiles with this latest information. Profiles will be released by early January.

Complete your details via our online order form today to take advantage of this fantastic offer.

The 2012/2013 profiles are still available and can be purchased online.

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