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Really understand how your authority can generate more income with our income generation profiles. Highly bespoke to individual authorities, these profiles use the information published in the local authority revenue expenditure and financing final outturn to identify the potential areas of income growth for your authority and makes evidence-based recommendations on how your authority could generate more income.

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In these times of austerity, making the most of opportunities for increasing available revenues is increasingly important. During 2013/14, income-generating activities accounted for £11.8bn of local government expenditure across England, representing just over 9% of the overall spend nationwide. However, this figure varies significantly by authority from just 2% to more than 50%.

Many authorities are hardly scratching the surface in exploring and exploiting the many income generation powers and options available to them. Options some authorities are now finding can not only make a real impact in generating additional funds, but can also bring more autonomy, independence and a reduced reliance on central government support.

What does the report cover?

In the Income Generation profile we will identify the key areas in your authority in which there is opportunity to generate additional income, providing key decision-makers with evidence-based recommendations to support robust decisions.

The reports look at the following in relation to income generation:

  • Service-by-service overview of sources of income and comparison to your nearest neighbours.
  • Summary tables and graphs drawing attention to the highest potential income growth areas.
  • Trend analysis identifying the level of income growth over time.
  • Analysis of services in terms of income generation potential.

What are the benefits?

There are a number of benefits from signing up:

  • Professional reports from a trusted source.
  • No additional work required as they draw on data returns already made.
  • Helps you to understand your services better.
  • Identify potential areas for generating additional income.
  • Identify authorities who are performing well.
  • Saves you time and money on analysing the data yourself.
  • Understand your figures better before finalising your next RO return.
  • Get involved and help us develop the profiles to be even better.

What do I get by ordering?

You will be provided with the Income Generation Profile Pack containing three sets of profiles, comparing your authority to:

  • all authorities across England
  • all other authorities within your region
  • your nearest neighbour grouping.

As part of the profile pack you will receive an interactive Excel tool to enable you to analyse the data further and export charts for your own reports. You will also be able to request an additional profile compared with any selection of authorities at no additional charge.

For examples of what you will receive, check out the sample profile.

How to order

Our Income Generation Profile Pack for 2015/16 will provide a comprehensive assessment of income generation in your authority compared to your peers, and give decision-makers the evidence and recommendations they need to allow fully considered judgements. 

Our excellent Income Generation Profile Pack for 2015/16 is priced at £475 + VAT for unitary and county authorities, and £325 + VAT for district councils.

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