Police objective analysis toolkit

For the first time, comprehensive spend data about police forces has been brought together into a powerful interactive tool that provides historical trend analysis and peer-to-peer comparisons that will enable you to interrogate your spending patterns.

Following the Autumn Statement, central government funding over the next four years is being protected in real terms. However, with the challenge of the changing nature of crime and at a time of emerging threats, it is imperative that police forces can respond to the demands they currently face and prepare for changing demands in the future.

The Chancellor also referred to the continuation of police reform and the need for further savings in the back office functions. 

What is it?

The new Police Objective Analysis (POA) Toolkit has been developed to allow for clear trend analysis over the seven year life of the POA survey. 

Powered by more than 1.5m items of data, our tool will save you valuable analytical resource and help you to identify where you have made improvements and where you can make further efficiencies to help meet the challenges you face.

Sample Toolkit

You can view the sample toolkit by clicking the link below. The zip xls file is large so may take sometime to download.

Sample toolkit

A reliable data source

Data used to drive our toolkit is sourced from the POA data collection. The POA is a management tool to enable you to make comparisons and ask the right questions. The objective analysis is robust and consistent in its approach.

The POA collects data over both objective and subjective headings. The objective headings are grouped into one of 12 areas:

  1. Local Policing
  2. Dealing with the Public
  3. Criminal Justice Arrangements
  4. Roads Policing
  5. Operational Support
  6. Intelligence
  7. Investigations
  8. Investigative Support
  9. National Policing
  10. Support Functions
  11. Police and Crime Commissioner
  12. Central costs.

Information is also included on council tax, reserves and funding trends. Detailed outlier analysis will also be available in due course to allow for identification of patterns of spend that are outside the overall distribution of normal expenditure.

The questionnaire and extensive guidance notes that accompany the annual CIPFA POA survey are fully reviewed and updated each year to reflect feedback received from practitioners across the country.

How to order

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Once you have purchased the toolkit download it here

This is the zip file containing the xls toolkit. It is a large file so may take some time to download. You will ned to be logged in before you download the file.

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