Financial management

TISonline provides nine financial management information streams that cover key areas of public sector finance and provide detailed advice and guidance.

Asset Management

A guide to implementing effective asset management and capital investment planning in the public sector. It examines how you can manage your capital assets, identifies good practice approaches and keeps you up to date on current issues.


A comprehensive guide to all aspects of budgetary management in the public services. It looks at the key principles and core practical objectives of good budgetary management, including the main types of budgetary model operating in the public sector.


A detailed guide for anyone involved in capital financing in local authorities. It helps you ensure that your organisation has sufficient capital assets to deliver its responsibilities efficiently and economically, with proper accounting and accountability.

Financial Management and Corporate Governance 

A comprehensive guide to financial management and governance matters in the public services, looking at financial functions, strategy, control, standards and ethics, and stewardship. 


A comprehensive guide aimed at insurance practitioners in local government. It outlines the types of insurance available and gives you detailed practical guidance and recommended practice in a range of areas relevant to local authorities.


A comprehensive guide to the Local Government Pension Scheme. It provides an overview of the scheme and defines the roles, responsibilities and processes that ensure funds and the scheme are managed effectively.


A comprehensive guide for practitioners involved in procuring goods and services across the public sector. It will help you to manage your purchasing processes more effectively so you can achieve better value for money.

Risk Management and Counter Fraud

A guide to the principles of risk management, focusing on key areas such as corporate governance, risk strategy and policy, risk processes, fraud prevention, leadership, training, performance and project management. 

Treasury Management

A guide to the investment of local authority funds, debt management and treasury management practices.

Discussion forums

TISonline provides popular and active discussion forums on a range of financial management topics including audit, capital and treasury, finance, fraud, performance and VAT. You can use these forums to ask questions, raise issues, exchange information and invite opinion from a broad practitioner network of many thousands of registered users.