Health and social care

The Health and Social Care topic of TISonline includes the following information streams.

Adult Social Care

Detailed guidance on the financial, legislative and policy-led aspects of the social services and health functions, including specific adult client groups and local authorities' roles and responsibilities. The stream also identifies key issues that impact on all areas of social services, such as performance and regulation, funding, charging and emerging policies.


Comprehensive financial information for anyone involved in the health sector. The focus is on good financial management and sound corporate governance, particularly the implications of emerging policies and structures.

Health VAT

Full guidance on the impact VAT has on NHS bodies.

Public Health

A guide outlining the background to the current design of the public health system in England. It provides information on the principal sources of funding and analysis of local authority spend against the ringfenced grant, along with an overview of the relevant grant conditions, assurance and data validation.