Local authority funding

The Local Authority Funding topic of TISonline includes the following information streams.


Get guidance on charging for services – a financial option for which local authorities enjoy a high level of discretion. As well as generating income, charging can be used as a strategic tool to direct resources and services to those most in need.

Government Grants and Business Rates Retention

This evolving record of the local government funding system for England and Wales serves as a supplement to the grant settlement information published annually by the Department for Communities and Local Government.

Guide to the Council Tax

In-depth, practical guidance on council tax administration, including annotated legislation and commentary, documentation of valuation tribunals, and a summary of relevant case law.

Local Taxation

An extensive guide to the administration of council tax and national non-domestic rates (NNDR). Valuation, appeals, liability, exemption, discounts and reliefs, billing and collection, enforcement and accounting arrangements are all covered.

Discussion forums

TISonline's finance discussion forum can be used for advice and opinion from a broad practitioner network of many thousands of registered users.