Transformation advisory and consultancy services

To transform your organisation and to tackle the issues faced by the public setor today, managers may need a special form of support.

When faced with these challenges you want people who understand your situation. People you can trust to listen to your ideas. People who will develop the right solutions with you, and make a real difference in helping you along the transformation journey.

Our advisors cover all aspects of the sector and wider transformation projects. They are all skilled in programme and project management. The team has access to CIPFA's technical, research and data services, specialist toolkits and is supported by specialist partners when delivering specific projects.

Our team of advisors can work with you to:

  1. understand your current situation and future needs and aspirations
  2. create innovative and practical solutions that will work for you
  3. support implementation to maximise the benefits you gain
  4. build your capacity to manage future change.

We have developed a number of products and services to help you on this journey. These are:

Four-phased transformation support package

This is CIPFA’s bespoke consultancy offer. It is designed to simplify the whole transformation journey by walking a practitioner or council Member through the key decision stages and options available to them. Each stage is underpinned and evidenced by worked examples and case studies of past projects for added context.

The principle aim of this support offer is to ensure practitioners fully understand all stages and transformation options available to them and the likely impact on their organisation.

Further details are available online.

Dealing with the cuts

This service provides a focused review in which our advisors apply comparative data and analysis to your organisation’s individual challenges. At the conclusion of the review, we provide you with a report identifying practical income generation and cost reduction opportunities to close your funding gap. Time frames and suggested steps for implementation will also be set out to meet your needs. 

Financial Management Model

The CIPFA Financial Management (FM) Model is an online diagnostic toolkit for assessing the financial management of your public sector organisation. The model can be tailored to focus on a particular aspect of financial management that you wish to improve, or conduct a full review of your whole organisation's financial management

View the web-based FM Model

Download the FM-Model (PDF 311 KB) for further information.

PFI Advisory Service

CIPFA has teamed up with highly experienced specialist PFI advisory partners to create a new service which will help organisations navigate complexity and identify areas for potential savings within their PFI contracts. 

Register for our free health-check and we will ­provide you with an initial report with potential cost saving areas to consider and proposed actions - without any up-front cost.


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