Case Studies

CIPFA helps the public sector transform the way they delivery services.

CIPFA/KPMG – review of local authority administration costs in Wales

CIPFA worked in partnership with KPMG to review the expenditure on administrative functions across the 22 Local Authorities in Wales.

CIPFA provided analytical support in analysing existing and new data, gained through the Welsh Revenue Outturn forms and the development of a new project specific questionnaire. Robust methodical analysis of this data was then undertaken and the findings presented in the form of detailed graphical reports and interactive models.

CIPFA/PwC – Doncaster project

CIPFA worked in partnership with PwC to review Doncaster’s key back office functions to help them assess performance and drive efficiency improvements.

The review focused on using data and comparators from a range of our existing products. A range of reports were generated focusing on predetermined KPIs.

City of London/East Sussex bespoke income generation management reports

As a result of the Income Generation Profile, which analyses sales, fees and charges in England, additional in-depth management reports were requested by two local authorities. The detailed management reports helped interpret key messages and identify areas of income potential.

The report was highly analytical, constructed with commentary on the various analysis and outcomes discovered.

The management report included:

  • A service by service overview of sources of income.
  • Comparisons nationally and with nearest neighbours.
  • A ranking system which draw attention to services which offer the greatest potential for revenue growth.
  • Potential income streams not being exploited by authority.
  • Areas of high/low levels of generated income when compared to comparator group.  Read more...

Norfolk County Council

The Council established an Efficiency Programme to deliver better services and cost savings amounting to £30m over three years.  Our team members were engaged to deliver, alongside an internal team, a support service review of four areas: HR, ICT, Finance and Procurement with the following desired outcomes:

  • Improved responsiveness to “frontline” services by support services,
  • More resilient services,
  • Optimised resource deployment,
  • More transparent performance information to support NCC decision making,
  • Optimised costs to realise headcount reductions and other savings,
  • Ensure flexible and agile services, able to respond and change to meet changing circumstance and demands.

The conclusion of this work was a new structure for these services that promoted clarity and focus in future business arrangements.

Mendip District Council

Our team provided the support to the in-house team in reviewing all aspects of the financial challenge facing the council. Our team provided challenges to the existing methods of service delivery and used comparative data, held by CIPFA, to spot opportunities for savings and increased income. The team also reviewed the detail of an outsourced contract to evaluate the scope for savings to be generated through re-negotiation of the terms.

Warrington Borough Council

This project was based on a detailed look at ways in which the council could achieve further savings and identify options for income generation. This was achieved by utilising CIPFA’s benchmarking information and best practice to identify opportunities for rationalisation of structures to produce a streamlined and effective organisation. 

"We engaged CIPFA to take a detailed look at ways in which we could achieve further savings and identify options for income generation - in addition to the significant and difficult steps we had already taken as an authority. The project used CIPFA's up to date benchmarking information as a platform for identifying real opportunities which we were able to take with confidence to both officers and elected members. The final report produced by CIPFA's advisers outlines a host of recommendations for top areas of cost reduction and income generation, some of which had not previously been considered, which can genuinely be considered for implementation in the coming period."
Lynton Green, Director of Finance and Information Services

Rochford District Council

Our team provided the consultancy support to the Chief Executive in reviewing all aspects of the financial challenge facing the council. Our team provided challenge to the existing methods of service delivery and used comparative data, held by CIPFA, to spot opportunities for savings and increased income. The team used this information and their experience of other councils to provide and recommended a new ‘right-sized’ structure for the council to deliver new ways of working that accorded with the council’s sustainable funding going forward.

Aberdeenshire Council

CIPFA was commissioned to undertake an independent review of the options for outsourcing the Sports and Leisure Service within the Education, Learning and Leisure Services. The merits of a number of different delivery arrangements, as well as a status-quo position was considered. CIPFA’s analysis provided an option that had a number of advantages including significant net savings over the existing financial position for the delivery of the service. In addition it gave greater access to generate additional income streams and flexibility in the capacity to generate efficiencies as a result of the required independence in positioning of the new delivery vehicle.

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