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Financial management, governance and regulation

The structure of any new delivery arrangement must comply with the appropriate legal and financial regulations. Although the following list is not exhaustive and will not apply to every new arrangement, this will include local government powers to trade and charge, the Companies Act 2006, the Charities Act 2011, state aid, Teckal exemption rules and HMRC tax obligations.

In addition to the above, accountability in new delivery arrangements requires careful consideration. The financial management and governance arrangements must be fit for purpose and comply with regulation.  Our Financial Management (FM) Model and our Governance Mark of Excellence are just two examples of how CIPFA can support bodies in ensuring they are fit for purpose.

Business process and partnering

Successful delivery of any service requires working effectively in partnership with other professional disciplines and decision makers. Only by developing commercial acumen and behavioural skills can the finance professional survive in the tough new world. While the traditional financial roles continue to have their place, these have to be achieved through partnership rather than confrontation. Your organisation will value you as an essential partner in its success. This ambition may not be easy to achieve.

Our Excellent Finance Business Partner publications (one for local authorities and one for those in the NHS) and our accredited qualification will deal with the common pitfalls encountered when developing a business partnering role as well as the subtleties that must be recognised in transferring best practice from the private to public sector.

Commericalisation and asset management

Many local authorities are exploring the possibilities of creating more commercial entities in order to generate income from new areas. This requires a host of new skills and comes with a number of regulations.

CIPFA has a wealth of products and experience including our income generation diagnostics, our transformation support package, commercial skills training and of course our bespoke on site consultancy service.  

Data and analytics

Any new delivery arrangement requires robust, credible and valid data on which to base a decision. Costings, options analysis, and forecasting are all instrumental in obtaining financial and performance accuracy. If a robust baseline is not established at the start of the process then organisations cannot determine if a new arrangement will be more or less successful than the current arrangement.

CIPFA has publications on all these issues as well as providing training and consultancy options. One of the key areas in which this data will be needed, presented and relied upon is the business case. CIPFA is an accredited trainer in Better Business Cases, an HM Treasury and Welsh Government initiative set to increase the skills for those involved in preparing or reviewing business cases.

Collaboration and partnership

Effective collaboration is often first and foremost a human and political challenge, however there are also technical skills such as accounting and costing that are essential factors.

CIPFA has a number of collaboration publications  covering all these areas as well as short training courses, including our successful ‘accounting for collaboration’ workshop, that can be delivered regionally or on site and tailored to your needs.

We have also worked with our partners to develop the Synchronicity™ toolkit, a diagnostic framework to assess how aligned the parties are against factors such as:

  • strategy and goals
  • culture
  • profile (size, geography)
  • served assets and customers
  • roles and responsibilities (current and proposed)
  • benefits and rewards
  • stakeholder profile
  • risks>

CIPFA can support the transformational challenge in a number of ways:

  On site  Publication  Training
Assessing preparedness for change
 Option appraisal 
 x  x  x
 Value for money assessments  
 Business partnering 
 x  x  x
 Accounting for collaboration 
 x  x  x
 Business case preparation and formalisation 
 x    x
 Financial appraisal of shared services proposals
 Shared service income and expenditure models
 Teckal company regulations
 x    x
 Understanding the different delivery options  x    x

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