CIPFA/RedQuadrant customer contact benchmarking club 2016 - terms and conditions

1. Commencement and term

Club membership is provided on a subscription basis commencing 1 April each year. Payment for the subscription will be due on presentation of a valid invoice.

2. Subscription fees and renewal

All fees become due on completing the membership form and are not refundable.

All fees and charges as stated are exclusive of VAT, which will be added at the standard rate applicable.

Subscription fees will be subject to an annual price review. You will receive notification of your subscription renewal in writing at least 30 days before the renewal date.

The annual subscription will be automatically renewed on 1 April each year unless prior notification of cancellation has been received.

Should you wish to cancel your subscription renewal you must do so in writing or by e-mail before 31 March. A member may cancel the subscription mid-term but fees are not returnable. Any cancellations should be addressed to

Should membership numbers be insufficient to run the exercise, CIPFA and RedQuadrant reserve the right to cancel the benchmarking club before questionnaires are issued. In this instance no charge would be made to member organisations.

3. The product

  • Benchmarking questionnaires.
  • PDF draft reports comparing performance with other members.
  • PDF final reports comparing performance with other members.
  • Additional narrative reports which draw together the main themes and conclusions.
  • Review meeting or webinar to discuss outcomes (one delegate per club).
  • A responsive helpline and contact service.

4. Nominated lead contact

Members must nominate a lead contact for the benchmarking club who must be an employee of the member organisation.

Reports and other material produced for the benchmarking club will only be sent to the lead contact for that club.

Where the function being benchmarked is outsourced or is part of a partnership arrangement, the lead contact must be an employee of the member.

Under no circumstances should data that names or can be used to identify other members be made available to employees of the contractor or partnership. For this reason attendance at review meetings/webinars is restricted to member employees only.

5. Timetable and issue of questionnaires

Questionnaires for the benchmarking club will be issued to members as per the working timetable below.

  • Issue of questionnaires – May. 
  • Deadline for return – July. 
  • Draft reports issued – August. 
  • Final reports issued – September. 
  • Narrative reports issued – October.
  • Review meetings – October/November. 

Please note that the above timetable is subject to change and members will receive the full timetable on receipt of their questionnaire.

Questionnaires received by late joiners will be issued within 3 working days of receipt of a completed membership form.

6. Return of data and issuing of reports

Draft and final reports for the benchmarking club will be issued, as per the timetable supplied on issuing the questionnaire, to those members who have submitted full data to CIPFA by the due date.

Partial supply of data may result in a reduced service.

Data received after the deadline for the return of club data will only be processed at our discretion and may be subject to a surcharge.

Where data is so late from a member that other club members will not have been able to benefit from it, the only report to be issued to that member will be the comparison against all members. The identities of the other members returning data will not be revealed and the narrative reports will not be made available.

Please note that no reports can be issued if valid data has not been submitted.

7. Data confidentiality

By joining this benchmarking club, members will be deemed to have authorised CIPFA and RedQuadrant to make their data available to other club members.

Members should not divulge data about other members to anyone but immediate colleagues. Under no circumstances should data be passed on to third parties.

CIPFA and RedQuadrant reserve the right to use data from this exercise to inform other work and data may be made available to third parties on an anonymised basis. However, an individual organisation's data will not be publicly identified without prior permission.