Spreadsheet safe

Boosting the confidence, skills and capabilities of spreadsheet users

About the programme

Spreadsheet Safe is a benchmark training and certification programme designed to help spreadsheet end-users and organisations assure and maintain good spreadsheet design, usage and control.

What will I learn?

This course will help you to:

  • develop self-checking routines and instincts to ensure that all spreadsheet inputs, calculations and outputs are valid and reliable
  • develop softer skills in relation to spreadsheet usage (such as behavioural best practices and end-user awareness of your own responsibility with regard to spreadsheets)
  • increase your spreadsheet integrity and accuracy, as well as provide auditable outputs (as a result of being introduced to best practice standards during the course).

Who is the course aimed at?

Everyday practitioner spreadsheet end-users who work with important, business critical spreadsheets which are used for decision-making.

This course is suitable for existing spreadsheet users who have an intermediate knowledge of Excel.

Duration and mode of delivery

This is a one-day training and certification programme.

Assessment and accreditation

The Spreadsheet Safe qualification is mapped to the UK National Occupational Standards (NOS) and is endorsed by the Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA).

The Scottish Credit and Qualification Framework (SCQF) has designated Spreadsheet Safe as a Level 7 and Credit 7.

When and where?

This accredited programme is offered both in-house and at locations across Scotland.

For more information about running it at your location, please contact the training team on 020 7543 5600 or by email to customerservices@cipfa.org

For date and location details, please search our accredited training calendar.

If no dates are currently scheduled, please contact customerservices@cipfa.org to discuss future dates or having the course delivered in-house.


£350 + VAT