CIPFA Annual Conference 2017

12–13 July 2017 at Manchester Central

CIPFA Annual Conference and Exhibition will return to Manchester for 2017

Visit the dedicated CIPFA Annual Conference website. Early Bird booking is now available – book now.

This year's public finance conference will ask how we can overcome the widely acknowledged malaise and sense of alienation dividing communities throughout  the UK, which became all too evident in the Brexit vote.

In the wake of the referendum result, and consequent economic uncertainty, the government has said it is committed to investing in skills and infrastructure to support local growth and a new housing agenda. It wants to put a specific focus on regions beyond the Southeast and city devolution centres.

To address the perennial issue of low productivity it will be essential to improve education and training standards, from primary to tertiary and vocational, to ensure businesses have access to the skills and talents they need to prosper.

As health and social care costs climb, sustainability and transformation lans, based on the needs of local populations and local health and care systems, are coming together across England. Will they be able to drive genuine and sustainable transformation in health outcomes for the longer term?  

We ask top economists, policy makers and public service leaders: what key ingredients are needed to deliver the prosperous places that the people of the UK deserve?

We look forward to welcoming you all to Manchester again in 2017

Visit the dedicated CIPFA Annual Conference website.

Early Bird booking is now available – book now.

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After three years in London, the CIPFA Annual Conference and Exhibition returned to Manchester for 2016. 

On 13–14 July in Manchester, over 800 public finance and accountancy professionals from across all public services attended the event. The conference provided delegates with in-depth insight and analysis, explored the challenges and suggested solutions to the most pressing issues facing us all in the post-Brexit world.  

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