CIPFA Northern Ireland Annual Conference

A key event in the calendars of those working in the public services in Northern Ireland.

Save the date: 5–6 October 2017

Online booking coming very shortly!

At international, national and regional levels, there are unprecedented levels of uncertainty for citizens and those who rely on public services. The current uncertain environment shows Northern Ireland in a state of flux which is likely to continue for the foreseeable future.  

For those who are charged with leading and delivering our public services, the need for strong leadership, sound financial management and innovation has never been greater. This requires public service leaders at all levels to adopt a new, proactive and flexible approach to providing public services, building on progress made to date.  

The 2017 conference will not only introduce Northern Ireland’s public service professionals to new tools, techniques and exemplary cases of public sector creativity and innovation, but will also inspire and enable delegates to manage the unknown and help improve public services.

Full website, programme and booking coming soon.

Annual CIPFA Awards

Also featuring prominently in the 2017 conference is the annual presentation of CIPFA awards designed to recognise the achievement of finance professionals, finance teams and innovation in public finance. Building on the awards of the last two years, this is an increasingly important way to inspire and motivate the profession by recognising and rewarding public finance excellence.