CIPFA Northern Ireland Annual Conference

A key event in the calendars of those working in the public services in Northern Ireland.

11 October 2016, Riddel Hall, Belfast

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This event has now closed

The year 2016 marks a significant change in the relationship between the people of Northern Ireland and their public services. An ambitious programme for government signalled a new approach to service design, delivery and what the people can expect from services. At the heart of this new approach is a clear focus on outcomes to address the big issues in society. This new focus will shift the lens from public service structure to individuals, and from inputs to outcomes.

The link between public resources and the outcomes for society will need even closer scrutiny. But no single public body can achieve an improved outcome on its own. Achieving the ambition for change in Northern Ireland will require a collaborative approach by all public, private and community partners.

CIPFA's 25th annual conference on Northern Ireland addressed these issues and a packed day featured good practice examples, inspiring leadership sessions and an insight into what the blueprint for Northern Ireland will resemble. The conference equipped Northern Ireland’s public service professionals with a clear view of the extent of change.

See you next year!