In-house training case studies

CIPFA works with a wide range of organisations ranging from local authorities to central government and other public bodies. Read more about how we have worked with partner organisations to meet their learning and development objectives.

Cornwall County Council 


Following a staff restructure at Cornwall and individuals moving into new roles, CIPFA worked with Cornwall to ensure that any initial skills gaps were identified.  These were met with a training programme which provided Continuing Professional Development and supported the staff members’ professional qualifications.


CIPFA delivered 21 different programmes to around 215 individuals including Leading Internal Audit in Tough Times, An Overview of Programme Management, Sponsoring and Directing Finance Projects, Preventing and Detecting Procurement Fraud, Understanding Performance Management at the Organisational Level and Effective Contract Management.


This large programme was rolled out over a short time scale. It was delivered to a range of individuals within a variety of different departments - from finance and audit to those working in service delivery and roles ranging from officers, analysts and business support through to management.


The training consisted of a CPD package as well as courses to a non-financial audience which demonstrates CIPFA’s depth and breadth of capabilities in the public sector training arena.

Delivery of the programme was extremely effective with over 90% of delegates stating that their experience on the programme was excellent or good, with objectives being fully or partially met.

London Borough of Lambeth Council


The London Borough of Lambeth’s Finance Learning and Development needed to ensure staff and managers within LB Lambeth’s finance community were equipped to enable the council to deliver on its corporate priorities and deliver high quality services to residents.

They needed to monitor and evaluate any learning programmes for effectiveness in achieving stated objectives and to support staff and managers in fulfilling their potential and further developing their careers.

The Solution

CIPFA  worked with LB Lambeth to design, deliver and evaluate a Finance Training Academy for staff and managers with planned outputs to:

  • Develop blended programmes and materials that met and enhanced the objectives identified in the Finance Training Academy
  • Deliver blended e-learning and classroom based training programmes that met and enhanced the objectives
  • Review and evaluate the programme producing monthly, quarterly and annual reports with further training programmes in subsequent years


Mike Suarez, LB Lambeth’s Executive Director of Finance and Resources said ‘crucially in these challenging financial times and in line with our own vision we will be working together to promote excellent financial management and raise awareness of the opportunities and challenges facing our business’.

The suite of courses was designed to ensure that staff involved in finance across the Council, including senior managers and budget holders, were equipped and skilled in all aspects of finance, financial management, performance management and governance.

CIPFA’s trainers worked with nominated course sponsors within Lambeth to ensure that the mix of best practice principles and resources produced by the trainers were combined with internal policies and materials from the client organisation. This provided delegates with the most up-to-date information for them to use when they returned to the work situation.

To complement the delivery of the programme, CIPFA also developed a more sophisticated and robust e-learning platform which combined the best of on-line tuition with face-to-face teaching methods. This innovative, blended approach ensured that staff continued their development using a range of up to date training methods. Delegates were able to prepare for courses and access both pre and post course learning materials for all courses offered within the curriculum.

The Results

This programme has been highly successful over the past 3 years with delegate feedback indicating a high level of skills transfer to the workplace. The partnership approach between CIPFA and LB Lambeth has ensured that the delegate experience, from the easy access to the on-line learning platform, through to the face-to-face delivery of current, tailored and applicable materials in a flexible and enjoyable manner, has been of the highest quality.

LB Lambeth was particularly pleased that the courses offered were accredited and endorsed by CIPFA and certified by the Institute of Administrative Management (IAM). This programme offered staff the opportunity to be both externally recognised and simultaneously, provided a sound platform towards continuous professional development.

The process of on-going development through close co-operation with the course sponsors have enabled courses to be updated on a regular basis and new courses to be introduced that reflect the changing finance training needs of the Council and its employees.