Health and social care integration

Training for finance professionals involved in health and social care integration.

Major issues for the health and social care system are:

  • a rapidly changing landscape
  • increasingly challenged budgets
  • rising demand
  • opportunities for devolution 
  • a need for greater collaboration.

There is an emphasised need for collaboration by extending the scale and longevity of the Better Care Fund and requiring plans to achieve full integration by 2020. 

CIPFA believes that collaboration is eased by mutual understanding. The worlds of health and local government finance are different in many ways. CIPFA is, therefore, looking for ways to help finance professionals develop an open, transparent and informed partnership with colleagues across organisations and sectors. The greatest success in integration will come when everyone has a common and shared understanding of what is being discussed and what needs to be achieved. CIPFA has developed a training resource, which is designed to help. 

Piloted with health and social care partners from Greater Manchester, we offer training on the fundamental differences (and similarities) between health and local government finance management and reporting.

We believe this will work most effectively when CIPFA trainers work within a local economy to facilitate the training jointly with the key local players in health and social care finance. This approach can be a major stepping stone in the production of plans for integration of health and social care as it:

  • builds local collaboration, communication and team working 
  • allows health and social care finance staff locally to become aware of what they do and don’t know about each other’s organisations 
  • facilitates discussion of particular local circumstances, in addition to gaining an understanding of the national picture
  • means that accounts of health and social care practices can be fine-tuned through delegates’ comments to take account of particular local circumstances
  • provides an opportunity to agree actions and ways of working which will benefit the whole system
  • represents best value, minimising participants’ travel time and costs

The outline below illustrates a suggested structure, which can be moulded to cover the priorities of the local area. The course will be co-delivered by two facilitators with Health and Local Government finance expertise.  

Outline structure for integration training

  • Strategic Overview
  • Governance Arrangements
  • Financial Flows
  • Financial Challenges & Integration issues
  • Stakeholder Analysis Exercise
  • Budget Planning and Financial Reporting Arrangements
  • Revenue Funding
  • Exercise on Revenue Funding
  • Capital Funding
  • Capital quiz
  • Barriers to Integration? 
  • Key differences & similarities and the impact on joint working.

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