Commercial skills

CIPFA runs hundreds of courses each year aimed at finance professionals, auditors, treasury staff, service managers, frontline personnel and non-finance specialists.

Business Partnering – Making the Transition

 This event is aimed at finance managers and other finance professionals who are required to work in partnership with senior management to help them achieve organisational goals. You will learn how to overcome the barriers to making the transition to business partnering and about the skills and behaviour associated with being a business partner. You will also gain the confidence to plan a strategy for working effectively as a business partner within your organisation.

CPD: 7 hours

Business Writing Skills

 This course gives you the complete toolkit to write confident and effective business communications. It includes practical exercises on planning and structuring your writing, how to choose the best way to get content across and utilising correct punctuation and grammar.

CPD: 7 hours

Contract Management

If you are responsible for managing contracts with external providers, this event will bring you up-to-date on the essentials of good contract management and the critical success factors. An emphasis on contract management can help to drive out costs and maintain front line services. You will explore and learn how to apply a range of techniques and frameworks for monitoring contracts and gain insight into which aspects of a contract can or should be renegotiated.

CPD: 7 hours

Creating a Successful Shared Service

 If you plan, negotiate and deliver a shared service for a public sector or not for profit organisation, this three day event will give you a unique insight into how this can be achieved and assessed. You will learn about the key principles of shared services and the importance of assessing the validity of a shared services approach for your organisation. You will be given a choice of toolkits and gain the knowledge needed to prepare a business case for a shared services proposal. On completion you will receive a recognised shared services practitioner qualification, which will include access to the Shared Services Architects knowledge bank.

CPD: 21 hours (three days) / 7 hours (individual days)

Effective Service Costing and Financial Modelling

If you are a manager who is looking to improve the budgetary performance of your organisation, this event will explore the costing techniques you can use to make the best use of public resources. You will examine the costs of services and how to employ new financial modelling techniques to implement savings and efficiencies. You will learn how to recognise the difference between fixed, variable and semi-fixed costs and between direct and indirect costs. The event will also help you to identify cost drivers, understand how costing information can be used in the budgeting process, and how to analyse pricing strategies and revenue forecasts.

CPD: 7 hours

Getting your Commissioning Process Right

This event is ideal if you are involved in procurement, commissioning and tendering, particularly if you are responsible for developing a business case and or specification. Austere budgets, increasing demand and uncertainty over future revenues mean that public sector organisations must buy the right services. You will learn about each stage of the pre-procurement phase and how to define and set out the final stage of the procurement. You will also learn how to determine what to buy, how much you want to spend and who can deliver the services you need.

CPD: 4.5 hours

Negotiating Skills

How to get the Best Deal in a Challenging Financial Environment

If you work in the public/not for profit sector and have a responsibility for negotiating contracts, particularly with the private sector, this event will give you the practical tips, tools and strategies you need to achieve the best deal for your organisation. Using tailored exercises and case studies, it will help you to identify your natural negotiation preferences and strengths and to handle complex, multi-level negotiations. You will also learn about the psychological dynamics of various negotiation tactics and how to work with greater productivity and efficiency in negotiation teams.

CPD: 7 hours

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