Financial management

CIPFA runs hundreds of courses each year aimed at finance professionals, auditors, treasury staff, service managers, frontline personnel and non-finance specialists.

Debt Management Masterclass 

If you manage debt portfolios at a local authority, work as a corporate or capital accountant or are interested in brushing up on best practice, this event will help you make the right debt management decisions. You will explore key topical issues including internal vs. external borrowing, risk management, borrowing from the Public Works Loan Board (PWLB), the merits and implications of alternative financing and the global economic outlook. You will also gain an understanding of the latest trends and issues identified by CIPFA’s Treasury Management Networks National Risk Study. 

CPD: 6 hours

Introduction to Education and Children’s Social Care Finance 

If you are new to children’s services finance and work in local government, this event offers an invaluable overview. You will learn about education finance and children’s social care finance and gain an understanding and awareness of the history, current context and principal challenges across children’s services. 

CPD: 5 hours

Introduction to Treasury Management 

This jargon-free event is ideal if you are new to treasury management or would like to refresh your skills. It covers the key areas impacting on the treasury function in local government, police and fire authorities. You will learn about the basic tools of treasury management, the importance of the treasury management strategy, economic fundamentals and CIPFA’s role in treasury management within the public sector. 

CPD: 6 hours

Investment Masterclass 

If you are a treasury practitioner or involved in managing your organisation’s investments, you will know that the current economic climate means effective investment management has never been more important. This event will give you the opportunity to examine economic essentials, the Public Sector Investment Framework, the issues inherent in managing an investment portfolio, types of investment risk and the role of money market funds skills. 

CPD 6 hours

Risk Management Workshop 

If you are a treasury practitioner or involved in managing and monitoring your organisation’s financial risks, this event will give you a fresh take on some familiar risks. Featuring CIPFA’s Risk Roadmap and new speakers including a corporate treasurer, you will examine Lobo risk management solutions and the importance of actively managing risk. You will gain an insight into housing debt management and general fund issues as well as the sometimes overlooked inflation risk. 

CPD: 6 hours

Setting your Investment Strategy 

If you are a treasury practitioner or involved in managing and monitoring your organisation’s financial risks, this event will help you to formulate direction as you set next year’s treasury strategy. Against the backdrop of the CSR13 announcements and the Autumn Statement, you will cover the core information that will be scrutinised by the elected members. You will also assess market trends, learn how to use CIPFA’s Treasury Risk Management toolkit, explore the practicalities of corporate bonds and examine CIPFA’s derivative guidance. Speakers will include a local government practitioner who will share their alternative approach to investment strategy and risk management. 

CPD: 6 hours

VAT in Local Authorities – Managing Risk and Cost Through Knowledge and Awareness 

CIPFA has worked with our partners at Deloitte to create a unique suite of e-learning modules on VAT in local authorities. If you or your team make decisions affecting VAT, the topics covered include an introduction to VAT issues, the recovery of VAT on expenditure, errors and penalties, partial exemption and land and property. Using leading edge instructional design techniques, the modules are accessed directly from Deloitte’s online portal ‘on demand’. Pricing for annual access starts at around £60 per package per user and there are a number of packages available to suit the needs of different staff. 

CPD: Up to 4.5 hours

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