Financial reporting

CIPFA runs hundreds of courses each year aimed at finance professionals, auditors, treasury staff, service managers, frontline personnel and non-finance specialists.

Accounting, Governance and Assurance in Academies

This event is aimed at local authority accountants and academy finance officers who are involved in the preparation of academy financial returns and assurance matters. You will explore the key elements of the annual accounts, best practice and the governance and assurance requirements. You will also gain an insight into the policies, approaches and practices required in financial reporting in academies. This will include the move to accounting under FRS102 for the year end accounts. 

CPD: 5 hours

Audit and Accounting Update

If you are a pension’s officer or manager, a pension fund accountant or an investment officer, this event will bring you up-to-date on the latest accounting requirements. Working closely with CIPFA’s revised Example Pension Fund Accounts publication, you will examine how current changes impact on pensions accounts. You will also review the 2012/13 Pension Fund Accounts to highlight best practice and to identify areas where further clarification may be needed. 

CPD: 6 hours 

Completing the NNDR 3

This event is aimed at revenue practitioners and local authority accountants who are involved in the completion of the NNDR 3 form. You will be guided through completing the new form and will explore the accounting requirements related to it. There is also the opportunity to consider issues identified in completing the forms and how these can be addressed. 

CPD: 7 hours

Developments in Education Finance

This event is aimed at local government practitioners who are involved in education finance. It will provide you with an update on various education finance issues and will raise your awareness of the current requirements and the impact of government announcements on finance and operations. 

CPD: 5 hours 

Developments in Police Finance

Aimed at chief finance officers of PCCs, chief constables, heads of finance and finance staff, this event offers you an invaluable update on strategic finance issues. You will explore the latest developments in police finance from the Home Office and CIPFA and the latest accounting developments, taking a close look at their implications for PCCs and chief constables’ accounts. 

CPD: 4.5 hours 

Introduction to Local Authority Accounting and Closedown – Step by Step

This event is aimed at local authority accountants who are new to working in local government or who have recently become involved in accounts production. It will also be of interest to practitioners interested in refreshing their knowledge. You will gain a solid understanding of local authority accounting and closedown and will examine the CIPFA Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting. You will also have the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the technical jargon and acronyms commonly used across the sector.  

CPD: 7 hours

Introduction to Local Authority Capital Accounting – Step by Step

This event is aimed at local authority practitioners who are new to the local authority capital planning and accounting agenda or who would like to refresh their knowledge. It will give you the understanding needed to effectively manage an organisation’s capital planning, financing and accounting arrangements. You will explore the key principles of local authority capital accounting and closedown, CIPFA’s Code of Practice and other guidance on capital spending as well as capital accounting concepts and approaches. 

CPD: 7 hours 

IPSAS Overview

This e-learning course is aimed at practitioners and auditors who deal with financial reporting and accounting. It is also ideal for finance staff at all levels who are involved in the preparation of financial statements and for managers who have a responsibility for or a need to understand financial statements. It will help you to adopt and implement the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), focusing on how to differentiate between IFRS and International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). 

CPD: 1.5 hours

Local Authority Capital Accounting

This event is aimed at local authority accountants looking to advance their understanding of the Code of Practice requirements for capital accounting. You will explore in detail the key concepts in accounting for capital expenditure, financing and assets. To inform your decision-making and help you to deliver more accurate budgets and reduce costs, the event will also give you a greater understanding of the consequences of capital financing decisions. 

CPD: 7 hours 

Whole of Government Accounts

A Practical Guide to Submitting Your Data – English Local Authority Training

This event is aimed at local authority accountants in England who are involved in the preparation or submission of the 2014/15 Whole of Government Accounts (WGA) Data Collection Tool (DCT). Run in partnership with HM Treasury, you will examine the key messages and issues arising from the latest WGA data. You will explore the reporting requirements for the 2014/15 WGA DCT and have the opportunity to ask questions and discuss practical issues directly with HM Treasury staff involved in the design of the DCT. Full-day sessions will be offered to those who are new to WGA, while those needing an update on this year’s changes are invited to attend the half-day events. 

CPD: 5.5 hours  (full day) \ 3 hours  (half day)

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