Property related courses

CIPFA runs hundreds of courses each year aimed at finance professionals, auditors, treasury staff, service managers, frontline personnel and non-finance specialists.

A to Z of Sustainable Energy: What You Need to Know

This event is aimed at heads of property, asset managers, corporate property officers and those involved in energy policy or management within local authorities and similar public bodies. You will look closely at the opportunities for investing in renewable energy and gain an appreciation of the importance for your own organisation. You will also learn how to explain the benefits to senior decision makers. 

CPD: 4 hours

Asset Management Property Series 

CIPFA hosts a series of rolling technical that are aimed at heads of property, asset managers, corporate property officers, property performance and information officers and anyone involved in strategic planning and performance management of property assets and property services. They provide an essential update on the latest developments in the world of asset management and the public sector. 

CPD: 4 hours

Building Information Modelling (BIM): Case Studies

This event will give those involved in the design and procurement of property-related works and the ongoing maintenance and management of buildings, a practical understanding of how BIM is being used. It will feature guest speakers and case studies from around the UK. You will learn about the key issues that need to be considered when implementing BIM and the benefits it is delivering to organisations who have already adopted it. 

CPD: 4 hours

Building Information Modelling (BIM) in the Public Sector

A Practical introduction from Inception to Building Management
If you are involved in the design and procurement of property-related works or the ongoing maintenance and management of buildings, this event will give you an overview of BIM and how it is transforming the construction industry. You will learn how BIM differs from traditional approaches and about the benefits and challenges associated with it. You will look at project inception, tendering, client and project team collaboration. You will also examine post-occupancy issues and how BIM can be used to manage and optimise the operational maintenance of facilities. 

CPD: 4 hours

Capital Valuations: Avoiding the Pitfalls

If you are involved in commissioning, managing or undertaking capital asset valuations in local authorities, you will not want to miss our event on the pitfalls associated with undertaking this work. It will give you an insight into the most critical pitfalls and some of the challenges you are likely to face in procuring and undertaking such valuations. You will also pick up practical tips from our expert advisors on how the pitfalls can be avoided.

CPD: 4 hours

Challenging the Value for Money of Property Related Services

If you are involved in the management, performance measurement or review of property related services within the public sector, this event will give you a practical understanding of the techniques that can be used to demonstrate value for money. You will understand how appropriate property performance measurement and benchmarking reduce some of the ‘guesswork’ in decision making and will learn about a number of sourcing models by weighing up the advantages and disadvantages of each. 

CPD: 4 hours

IFRS13: Things You Need to Know

This event is aimed at property officers who are involved in producing asset valuations for local authority accounts, finance staff who are responsible for ensuring that the resulting valuations meet current regulations and standards and that the balance sheet is robust to audit scrutiny, and anyone involved in the commissioning of external valuers to undertake local authority asset valuations. It explores what the introduction of IFRS13 means to local authorities and the asset valuations you carry out or procure. It will help you to cut through the new standard’s language, identify what it means in practical terms and avoid common errors of interpretation. There is also a very useful free recorded webinar available.

CPD: 4 hours

Introduction to Property Asset Management

This event is ideal if you are new to this area, or a property professional, service manager or finance professional interested in refreshing or updating your knowledge of asset management within the public sector. It will provide a thorough introduction to property asset management, moving beyond the basics to look at practical issues that face the public sector in the current financial environment. You will gain an appreciation of the various ways asset management can be structured and organised within your organisation and how property performance can be managed more effectively. 

CPD 4 Hours

Local Authority Property Investment Portfolios: Managing Performance and Risk

This event is aimed at asset managers, heads of property, estates surveyors and valuers. With ever reducing budgets, local authorities are increasingly turning to financial returns from investment property in order to make up for shortfalls in external funding sources. This event will enhance your understanding of the nature of a property investment portfolio and how it should perform. It will also give you an appreciation of the risks, management and governance issues involved. 

CPD: 4 hours

New Public Contracts Regulations: Building Blocks to Compliance

Aimed at property and building services practitioners from the public sector, this event will give you a practical overview of the new Public Contracts Regulations and their likely impact on your procurement processes. The regulations represent the biggest shake-up in procurement legislation for a decade and will introduce significant changes that require careful implementation. You will be given a detailed explanation of the key new changes and an update on relevant major procurement case law. 

CPD: 4 hours

Property Valuation Methods: Theory into Practice

This event is aimed at local authority estates surveyors, valuers, development surveyors, asset managers, heads of property and anyone with responsibilities for local authority valuation or estate management work. All valuers should be aware of the five principal property valuation methods but it is not always clear which method should be used when. This event will boost your understanding of the range of valuation approaches and methodologies available. It will give you an appreciation of the relative merits of the different methods and the circumstances under which they should be deployed. 

CPD: 4 hours

Statutory Compliance in Property: A Survival Guide

This event is ideal for local authority premises managers, asset managers, facilities managers, heads of property and those with responsibilities for compliance issues within buildings. Smaller budgets mean that local authorities are increasingly vulnerable to ‘something going wrong’ with the buildings that they own, manage and occupy. This event will boost your understanding of the statutory and non-statutory requirements in terms of buildings compliance. It will also help you to be better prepared for the consequences of non-compliance and how to critically analyse your processes to manage risk. 

CPD: 4 hours

Town Centres: The Regeneration Challenges

This event is aimed at local authority asset managers, town centre managers, heads of property and anyone else involved in or overseeing town centre regeneration. A local authority’s role in town centre regeneration goes beyond the assets they own, extending to the broader polices of the council, the targeting of available resources and working more collaboratively with key public sector partners and the private sector. This event will give you a better understanding of the complexities surrounding town centre regeneration and the links to strategic asset management. You will learn about the importance of driving regeneration through a more strategic approach and about the impact that town centres have on the overall vitality of an area. 

CPD: 4 hours

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