Become an Institute Council member

Fully qualified CPFAs are encouraged to stand for the Institute Council. Council members are elected for a two-year term.

All members must be 'economically active' as defined in the Institute's bye-laws. This means that during the two calendar years immediately prior to appointment, the candidate must have worked an average minimum of 18 hours per week in paid employment for at least 12 months (not necessarily consecutive).

Council members are limited to eight consecutive years' service, after which they must retire for two years before they become eligible to serve again. There are special arrangements for those standing for one of the Honorary Officer positions.

National election process

Twenty-one of the 41 seats on the Institute Council are filled by an election process every second year. Candidates stand in their geographical CIPFA regions.

    Nominations take place in January, leading to a membership ballot in April.

    Nominees agreeing to put themselves forward are asked to provide a 100-word statement outlining the knowledge and experience they could bring to the Council, and their aspirations for CIPFA in the following year. Candidates' statements and ballot forms are sent to the membership by post or email.

    Other seats

    Up to 16 seats are reserved to co-opt members with specific expertise, or from specific sectors to produce a good mix. The remaining four seats are for honorary officers: president, vice-president, junior vice-president, and past-president.

    Contact us

    To find out more, contact the Institute Council Secretary:

    77 Mansell Street
    E1 8AN