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CIPFA Past Presidents

Please see below for the full list of CIPFA past Presidents.

2019 Carolyn Williamson, Deputy Chief Executive & Director of Corporate Resources for Hampshire County Council

2018 Sarah Howard, Partner, Head of Public Sector Assurance, Grant Thornton UK LLP

2017 Andrew Burns, Director of Finance and Resources, Staffordshire County Council

2016 Brian Roberts, Director of Corporate Resources, Leicestershire County Council

2015 John Matheson CBE, Director, Finance, eHealth & Pharmaceuticals, Scottish Government Health Directorates

2014 Mike Owen, Interim Chief Executive, Bury Metropolitan Borough Council

2013 Jaki Salisbury, Executive Director, Bright Space Solutions Limited

2012 Sir Tony Redmond, former Chairman & Chief Executive, Commission for Local Administration in England

2011 Chris Bilsland, OBE, Chamberlain, City of London Corporation

2010 Jaki Meekings Davis, Director MD Associates

2009 Roger Latham, Visiting Fellow, Nottingham Trent University Business School

2008 Caroline Mawhood, Assistant Auditor General, National Audit Office

2007 John Butler, retired (formerly Director of Finance & IT, East Riding of Yorkshire Council)

2006 Caroline Gardner, Deputy Auditor General, Audit Scotland

2005 Diane Colley, Chief Executive, Rugby Borough Council

2004 Mike Barnes, Head of Technical Development, Audit Commission

2003 Hilary Daniels, Chief Executive, West Norfolk Primary Care Trust

2002 Roger Tabor, Strategic Information Director, Consignia plc

2001 Chris Hurford, Associate Director, District Audit

2000 Mike Weaver, Director of Financial Services, Worcestershire C C

1999 Brian Smith, Chief Executive, Stoke-on- Trent Council

1998 Margaret E Pratt, Rockingham Forest NHS Trust

1997 Ian Wood, Consultant, PDFM

1996 John E Scotford, CBE, County Treasurer, Hampshire C C

1995 Grenville J Folwell, Managing Director, Halifax Building Society

1994 Richard G Tettenborn, OBE, County Treasurer, Staffordshire

1993 Roger Buttery, Managing Director, Hartshead Ltd

1992 David B Chynoweth, Director of Finance, Lothian Regional Council

1991 Mike H Collier, CBE, Director of Finance, NHS Management Executive in Scotland, The Scottish Office

1990 Cliff Nicholson, CBE, Deputy Controller, Audit Commission

1989 David Hopkins, CBE, City Treasurer, Westminster

1988 Colin McMillan, Board Member, Severn Trent Water Authority

1987 E J (John) Patrick, Chief Executive and City Treasurer, Oxford

1986 Arnold Morton, City Treasurer, Coventry

1985 Phillip Sellers, CBE, Board Member, Corporate Finance and Planning, The Post Office

1984 Maurice F Stonefrost, CBE, Director General, Greater London Council

1983 Gerry E Daniel, County Treasurer, Nottinghamshire

1982 Keith J Bridge, CBE, Chief Executive, Humberside CC

1981 Eric Cobb, County Treasurer, Derbyshire

1980 Eric J Gilliland, Director of Finance, Thames Water Authority

1979 W (Bill) O Jolliffe, County Treasurer, Lancashire

1978 Ray K Lacey, County Treasurer, Mid Glamorgan

1977 William C Evans, OBE, General Manager, Redditch Development Corporation

1976 R L W Moon, County Treasurer, Wiltshire

1975 G S Pollard, Director of Finance, West Yorkshire M C C

1974 R S Grindrod, OBE, Chief Accountant, Eastern Electricity Board

1973 T W Sowerby, Borough Treasurer, Bromley

1972 Wilfred Bowdell, CBE, City Treasurer, Westminster

1971 James Lewis Salt, City Treasurer, Liverpool

1970 Francis Stephenson, City Treasurer, Birmingham

1969 W S Hardacre, County Treasurer, Berkshire

1968 Sir Harry Page, City Treasurer, Manchester

1967 JB Woodham, CBE, Borough Treasurer, Teeside

1966 Richard Partington, Treasurer, Eton R D C

1965 Herbert Keeling, OBE, Borough Treasurer, Worthing

1964 I M Cowan, MBE, Borough Treasurer, Eastbourne

1963 G C Jones, OBE, Borough Treasurer, Reading

1962 Norman Doodson, County Treasurer, Lancashire

1961 A L Imrie, CBE, City Chamberlain, Edinburgh

1960 A L A West, OBE, Treasurer, North West Metropolitan Regional Hospital Board

1959 George Beedie Esslemont, CBE, JP, City Chamberlain, Glasgow

1958 Joseph William Hough, OBE, Borough Treasurer, Islington

1957 William Orwin Atkinson, MBE, County Treasurer, Middlesex

1956 Ernest Sinnott, Chief Accountant, South Eastern Electricity Board

1955 Thomas Reginald Johnson, City Treasurer, Bristol

1954 Thomas Llewellyn Poynton, Borough Treasurer, Blackpool

1953 Arthur Hedley Marshall, CBE, City Treasurer, Coventry

1952 Sir Charles Herbert Pollard, CBE, City Treasurer, Kingston-upon-Hull

1951 Jack Whittle, County Treasurer, Nottinghamshire

1950 William Adams, Borough Treasurer, Wolverhampton

1949 James Scougal, Borough Treasurer, Beckenham

1948 Henry Brown, OBE, City Treasurer, Rochester

1947 Sir James Lythgoe, CBE, City Treasurer, Manchester

1946 John Ainsworth, MBE, City Treasurer, Liverpool

1945 Robert Sutcliffe, Borough Treasurer, Middlesbrough

1944 Robert William Edwin Bunn, Borough Treasurer, Brighton

1943 Hugh Robert Ralph, Treasurer, Harrow U D C

1942 Arthur Benjamin Griffiths, City Treasurer, Sheffield

1941 George Ernest Martin, Borough Treasurer, Poplar

1940 George Ernest Martin, Borough Treasurer, Poplar

1939 George Ernest Martin, Borough Treasurer, Poplar

1938 Sir John Dunlop Imrie, CBE, City Chamberlain, Edinburgh

1937 Frederick Steadman, Chief Financial Officer, Surrey C C

1936 Sydney Larkin, City Treasurer, Coventry

1935 Frank Waller Rattenbury, OBE, County Accountant, Middlesex

1934 Alfred Ernest Dean, MBE, Borough Treasurer, Swindon

1933 Robert Alexander Wetherall, Borough Treasurer, Swansea

1932 Donald Macnab Muir, Burgh Chamberlain, Dunfermline

1931 George Richard Butterworth, Borough Accountant, Hastings

1930 John Edward Bray, Treasurer of the City, Manchester

1929 Edmund Lund, MBE, City Treasurer, Carlisle

1928 John Robert Johnson, Treasurer of the City, Birmingham

1927 William Allison Davies, OBE, Borough Treasurer, Preston

1926 Charles David Johnson, Comptroller, London C C

1925 Samuel Lord, Borough Treasurer, Acton

1924 Roger Daniel Lambert, Borough Treasurer, West Hartlepool

1923 Percy Farnworth, Borough Treasurer, Bolton (Mr R D Lambert, Vice-President, was appointed Acting President on the resignation of Mr Farnworth on 31 August 1923)

1922 Henry John Hoare, Chamberlain and Treasurer, City of Plymouth

1921 Arthur Collins, Treasurer of the City, Birmingham

1920 Edward Darnell, OBE, City Treasurer, Newcastle upon Tyne

1919 Feather Ogden Whiteley, OBE, City Treasurer, Bradford

1918 John Walter Forster, Borough Accountant, Tunbridge Wells

1917 John Walter Forster, Borough Accountant, Tunbridge Wells

1916 John Walter Forster, Borough Accountant, Tunbridge Wells

1915 Edward Alfred Coombs, Borough Treasurer, Kensington

1914 Edward Alfred Coombs, Borough Treasurer, Kensington

1913 Frank Winter, Borough Treasurer, Gateshead

1912 John Allcock, City Treasurer and Controller, Cardiff

1911 Robert Paton, City Chamberlain, Edinburgh

1910 Thomas Henry Clare, Treasurer of the City, Birmingham

1909 Jabez Beckett, Borough Treasurer, Accrington

1908 Sir Harry Edwin Haward, Comptroller, London C C

1907 Henry Marshall Stevens, Borough Accountant, Brighton

1906 Arthur Towers, Borough Accountant, Islington (Mr H M Stevens, Vice-President, was appointed Acting President on the death of Mr Towers in April 1907)

1905 George Albine Thorpe, City Treasurer and Controller, Bradford

1904 William Gunner, Borough Accountant, Croydon

1903 William Bateson, Borough Treasurer, Blackpool

1902 William Stevens Carver, City Accountant, Oxford

1901 Thomas George Milner, City Treasurer, Kingston-upon-Hull

1900 Lister Woodhouse, Borough Treasurer, Birkenhead

1899 James Carter, Borough Treasurer, Preston

1898 Walter Clarke, County Accountant, Yorkshire (West Riding)

1897 George Stephen Parker, Borough Accountant, Stafford

1896 William Penn-Lewis, Borough Accountant, Leicester

1895 Richard Barrow, City Controller and Auditor, Liverpool

1894 Frederick Ernest Harris, Borough Accountant, West Ham

1893 William Cooper, Borough Accountant, Derby

1892 William Fisher Tasker, City Accountant, Sheffield

1891 John Henry Bailey, Borough Treasurer, Blackburn

1890 Samuel Collier Potts, Borough Accountant, Huddersfield

1889 John Elliott, Borough Treasurer, Rochdale

1888 John Eley Bryan, Borough Accountant, Nottingham

1887 Benjamin Jones, Borough Accountant, Sheffield

1886 George Swainson, Borough Treasurer, Bolton

1885 George Swainson, Borough Treasurer, Bolton