Gender pay gap

Download the 2021 gender pay gap report

Each year CIPFA publishes a gender pay gap report, identifying differences in both hourly salary and bonus payments between men and women working for the institute. Due to our size, we are not legally required to publish our gender pay gap. Doing so is in keeping with our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, and helps hold us to account.

The 2021 report accounted for 196 staff members, of whom 105 were men and 91 were women. We found an improvement on the 2020 position, with a 21% mean gender pay gap, and 8% median, based on hourly salary.

We have a higher proportion of men at the upper quartile of pay, which has an impact on the overall figures. As a relatively small organisation, any changes to headcount will also affect these numbers.

We recognise the need to improve on our current gender pay gap, as well as encouraging more women to apply for senior positions. We are confident that we have a fair and consistent approach to paying individuals, and are committed to being an equal opportunities employer, appointing the best candidate for each role – regardless of their gender or other personal characteristics.