Is local government ready for climate change


There are organisational barriers in the public sector to adapting infrastructure to climate change. This is the conclusion of an article by Nick Sciulli in the latest issue of Public Money and Management.

In Organisational barriers to adapting infrastructure assets to climate change Nick Sciulli, from Victoria University in Melbourne, has developed a model that identifies these organisational barriers, allowing public sector leaders to assess the vulnerability of their infrastructure.

The 2012 United Nations Climate Change conference in Doha concluded with some sombre warnings for governments worldwide regarding the acceleration of global warming. Given this it seems timely to investigate the impediments to safeguarding infrastructure.

Specifically this piece looks at the impact of flooding on coastal towns in Australia. It concludes that a lack of resources, a lack of central guidance and a lack of capacity building are the main barriers for local authorities adapting to climate change.

Nick Sciulli concluded,

“Debate surrounding climate change and how the community should deal with its consequences has been going on for a number of years. Yet, government policy on this topic worldwide has been inconsistent and haphazard. Continuing evidence may be required to drive government action and policy.”



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