leicester sixth form students to run borough council for the day


Sixth form students around Leicester will be given the opportunity to run a Borough Council for the day.

Date: 19 June

Time:  09:45 to 15:45

Location: Hugh Aston Building, De Montfort University

Participating schools:

  • Countesthorpe College, Leicester,
  • Montsaye Academy, Rothwell,
  • Caroline Chisholm School, Northampton,
  • Solihull School
  • Boston High School

The fictitious Unitary Council, Emmstone, has been created as part of the annual Sixth Form Management Games. The students will each assume the role of a member of the Council’s management team and will be tasked with juggling the relationship between the Council’s budget, the needs of those living in the Borough and many other, often contradictory, objectives.

The participating schools include Countesthorpe College from Leicester, Montsaye Academy from Rothwell, Caroline Chisholm School from Northampton, Solihull School and two teams from Boston High School.

The game, devised and run by the Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA), is intended to introduce sixth form students to the world of Public Sector Finance and hopefully will help fill a gap in Business Studies courses which often concentrate on commercial activities and do not always cover the public sector.

The games are very demanding for sixth form students who commit themselves to their particular roles, but they provide a useful and fun opportunity for students to gain exposure to the challenges associated with running a public sector organisation.

The management games take place in a number of locations across the Midlands each year and recently a similar scenario has also been handled by sixth form students in the North East.

All the participants are mentored during their day by CIPFA students or qualified CIPFA accountants who advise their charges on all aspects of what can prove to be a daunting but exciting experience.

The member of staff who accompanied Kingsley College, Redditch last year said

“what a fantastic day my students had yesterday. Not just because we won, but because they were engaged throughout the day and learned so much. They have all said it is the hardest, most challenging activity they have done in their school careers, but the most enjoyable as well.”