Skilled and Talented Workers Needed to Boost Local Authority Teams


In light of today’s Spending Review announced by Chancellor George Osbourne, Gill Kelly, Associate Director of CIPFA Recruitment Services, urges public sector senior management teams to tackle the complexities of shared services and partnership arrangements before they run out of cash, and to ensure they have the right team in place to deliver changes.  She commented;

“Today’s Spending Review makes very clear that local authorities are indeed facing an extended period of job losses and leaner times.  Partnerships and shared services arrangements will shape the future of local government and help offset the impact of cuts. Local authorities who therefore have a robust team in place will weather the storm.

“Successful sourcing and recruitment of talented individuals with a specific skills set to drive and deliver these changes should be at the forefront of senior management teams’ minds.  Local authorities can look to fill a short term skills gap through the recruitment of interims teams made-up of experienced specialists with project management and financial modelling expertise. 

“Whilst some public sector areas have been ring fenced local government is set to be the hardest hit, and recruiters must ensure that new appointments to senior management posts have the following core attributes; an ability to identify, source and utilise untapped resources; advanced project management skills; plus mathematical, financial and technical abilities.”

Working in partnership, if done successfully, can result in a reduction of costs and the transformation of more than one organisation to suit leaner times.  Successful sourcing and recruitment of talented individuals with a specific skills set to drive transformation is vital.



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