CIPFA exams results in Bangladesh well above global pass rate


The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) announced today an impressive overall pass rate in their SPEMP-B December exams at 11% above the global pass rate. 

In total, 56 staff from the Office of the Comptroller and Auditor General in Bangladesh gained their CIPFA IPFM certificate and will now be invited to study the CIPFA Diploma in IPFM (Dip IPFM).

Almost 100 members of have attempted the three modules of the IPFM certificate since the CIPFA training commenced last year.

Of particular note was Md. Mamun-Ul Mannan who scored a near perfect 98%, the best global performance in the IPFM FA exam.

Speaking on the exam results, Alan Edwards, CIPFA’s International Director, commented:

"I would like to offer my congratulations to all participants for their hard work in what is another impressive set of exam results. It is clear that the qualification offers a brilliant opportunity for finance professionals to advance their careers in the public sector.

"The qualifications earned will help strengthen and provide good public financial management around the world, as we continue to face extraordinarily challenging financial times.

"Finally, a special congratulations to Md. Mamun-Ul Mannan, on what is a superb achievement."


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Editors notes:


Global Results SPEMP-B Results Difference
Module No sitting No passes Pass rate Module No sitting No passes Pass rate
Certificate Certificate
Financial Accounting 293 187 0.64 Financial Accounting 93 69 0.74 0.1
Management Accounting 225 93 0.41 Management Accounting 45 21 0.47 0.06
TOTAL 518 280 0.54 TOTAL 138 90 0.65 0.11


Management Accounting Break-down Difference
Module No sitting No passes Pass rate
First sitting 33 18 0.55 0.14
Resitters 12 3 0.25 -0.16
TOTAL 45 21 0.47 0.06