CIPFA launches new national counter fraud centre


The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIFPA) has launched the new national Counter Fraud Centre, a centre of excellence on counter fraud.

The CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre (CCFC) will develop new tools and services for the whole public sector on counter fraud and anti-corruption while also leading the national counter fraud strategy for local government “Fighting Fraud Locally”.

The Centre is to be headed by Rachael Tiffen, former Deputy Director of the National Fraud Authority.

Speaking at an event at Mazars in the City of London to launch the centre Rachael Tiffen said:

“The CCFC will be central to tackling fraud right across the UK public sector and beyond. We want to be the source of best practice, resources and training for all those who are seeking to protect taxpayers and the precious resources they depend upon from fraud and misuse.

“The work of the centre will save money for the taxpayer while protecting the reputation of public services by developing the critical know-how and wherewithal needed to fight fraud on the front line.”

With the impending closure of the Audit Commission the new Centre will be taking responsibility for the Commission’s counter fraud tools. It will also take responsibility for research, training and generating codes of practice for public sector professionals tasked with addressing the estimated £20.6 billion of public sector fraud and error in the UK.

Rob Whiteman CEO of CIPFA added:

'“Tackling fraud and protecting the public purse are at the heart of public concerns about the way Government spends taxpayer’s money. Today public servants are under pressure to deliver savings, and we want to help them do more with less.

“Whether it is delivering the best value for the taxpayer, protecting reputations or developing professional skills, the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre will be here to help tackle fraud and ensure the ongoing delivery of essential public services.”

More information on the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre can be found on CIPFA's website.