CIPFA to found counter fraud centre with transfer from Audit Commission


The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) has announced today that it is to found a centre of excellence in counter fraud based upon the transfer of existing public sector counter fraud functions from the Audit Commission to the institute.

The national Counter Fraud Centre (CFC) will be a centre of excellence in counter fraud and will build on the existing tools and guidance available from CIPFA and counter fraud functions transferring from the Audit Commission upon the Commission’s closedown at the end of March 2015.

It will work with partners from across the public sector to become a global authority on counter fraud for public services.

The CFC will be the first national centre for all counter fraud professionals and will link across the whole of the public sector and will be staffed by counter fraud specialists.

Speaking on the launch of the CIPFA Counter Fraud Centre, the institute’s CEO Rob Whiteman said:

“Tackling fraud and protecting the public purse are at the heart of public concerns about the way government spends taxpayer’s money. It is fantastic news that the Audit Commission will be able to transfer their current work on fighting fraud to CIPFA’s new Counter Fraud Centre.

“The new Centre will be a global leader in protecting public resources from fraud. It will fight to make sure that every penny of public money is accounted for and spent on the services that communities need.”


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