CIPFA looks to create a sustainable and more effective governance structure


The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy (CIPFA) has launched a consultation on the future of its governance structure. The consultation, open to all CIPFA members, presents proposals for a new flexible governance system fit for a global accountancy body.

The governance review formally began in September 2014 and is being led by the Governance Review Working Party (GRWP) and is chaired by CIPFA Past President, Sir Tony Redmond.

The proposals aim to better support CIPFA’s current and future strategy and its students and members, both in the UK and internationally.

CIPFA is calling for its members to share their views on the proposals to ensure they agree that the potential changes would better serve them and the Institute. The consultation period will run until the 13 March 2015 giving CIPFA’s membership base a chance to input into the review. 

Sir Tony Redmond, Chair of the GRWP, said:

“CIPFA’s governance structure is robust and is efficiently meeting our current priorities, but as a membership organisation it is paramount that we continue to serve our members not only across the UK but increasingly around the world where we now recruit more students than in the UK. In the future, as we see our international profile and reach grow, our governance system will need to be adapted to support the institute's need over the long-term in the best possible way.

“CIPFA members are at the heart of these developments and we hope they will share their thoughts and recommendations on the review so that together we can build on CIPFA’s achievements for the century ahead."


Notes to Editors

Key messages from the document include:

  • A shift in the balance from employment/sector based seats to regional ones via open election. This will strengthen the voice of the regions and giving greater regional responsibility to Council.
  • Regions to include international regions, number of seats determined by overall size of membership and in line with accountancy regions around the world.
  • The formation of a CIPFA board which will chaired by the president and the Council will be chaired by the vice-president. There will also be more delegated authority to the Executive.
  • Abolishing the role of Treasurer, CIPFA is a large charity with its own qualified CFO.

  • Increasing the capacity of the honorary team through taking the opportunity to spread the ambassadorial workload, and introducing a new role of Junior Vice President.